Nox Aeterna


Judul : Nox Aeterna
No. ISBN : 978-602-281-146-6
Penulis : Vieri Nawfal Putra
Tahun terbit : Januari 2016
Dimensi : iv + 107 hlm; 13 x 18 cm
Jenis Cover : Soft Cover
Kategori : Novel
Harga : Rp. 45.000
Stok : Order by SMS >>08121017901 : Nama, Alamat, Judul, Jumlah pesanan

The Emperor is silent. Factions within Imperial Authority splinter under the absence of the Emperor. Paranoia strikes the Inquisition, The Elite Guardsmen are now swords for hire, and the Sisters of the Rose grow their will across the subjects of the Imperium. Two hundred years after the Great Witch Hunts, decadence and corruption run rampant in an Empire under the loom of Civil Wars.
An Undead attack in of the Capital sends the Inquisition in a state of panic. A lone message is sent from the frontier of the north, whereby two Inquisitors are sent on their way to Ancients of The Iron Mountains. There, within the ancient tunnels of a civilisation lost in the passage of time, the sins of their forefathers awaits.

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